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5 Tips to Market Your Australian Event

Are you launching your next best event in Australia? Well, then here are some tips on how to take it forward and market your event to ensure a sure short success in the whole process.

how to go about marketing your australian event

Start Early, But not too early!

Its always a great idea to start your advertising campaigns early enough to grab all the possible attention you can for your event. But ensure that you do not start too early that people get bored and forget about the event and its excitement. Running online social media campaigns to attract people to like your pages and stay tuned is one great idea to get the best results especially while starting early.

Advertise at the Right Places Online

A successful event launch is all about reaching all the right people. Aimlessly advertising everywhere you can find is not a great idea as its very low on ROI Return On Investment). Look out for the best Australian websites where you can publicise your event and get maximum exposure. One such website is and they have What’s On in Melbourne for events and Things to do in Melbourne sections which is hugely popular among Melbournians. Advertsing here is one of the first things we would recommend as they even rank for the “best events in Melbourne”. Our team has had great success advertising with them on multiple occasions.

Another recommendation we would say is to have  a Google Adwords campaign active for keywords like “what’s on in Melbourne” or “whats on in Sydney” or “things to do in Melbourne” or “things to do in Brisbane” based on the cities that you are targeting.

Many people search for the best events to go to today, this week, this month etc. and with these targeted Google Adwords, you pay per click (PPC) to make the best out of catching attention. Also if you are big on budget, Radio Ads work really well as they have the highest ROI (17%) which is far more impressive in Australia than any other medium but they are quite expensive though!

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